Definition of laughingly in English:



  • 1In an amused way; with laughter.

    • ‘‘It just ended up being a huge success,’ Spicer says laughingly, ‘and we couldn't figure it out.’
    • ‘‘The result was we decided to get married,’ she said laughingly at a press conference in Delhi recently.’
    • ‘I apologised laughingly for staring, I felt as if I was constantly just staring, trying to take in every physical aspect of this man for whom I had left my previous life without ever meeting.’
    • ‘All in good fun, we laughingly made our way through the 20-odd questions, secretly jotting down our responses on separate papers.’
    • ‘‘I tried it once and it came out like sweet milk with alcohol in it,’ the mother of two laughingly recalled.’
    • ‘Looking at one of the awning's outer support beams, he laughingly recalls a time when some of his friends kicked him out of his bedding for snoring too loudly.’
    • ‘The African loudly and laughingly repeats the tots' request.’
    • ‘But, as Marie laughingly revealed to us, the medal is a fake.’
    • ‘They laughingly proffer a red slice of watermelon.’
    • ‘And so we did, wildly, laughingly, in the rain and wind, thunder and lightning.’
    • ‘When they reached the sand, Muriel laughingly took off her sandals and her shorts.’
    • ‘The pair now are good friends, and she speaks laughingly of her nonstop travel schedule and increased computer literacy.’
    • ‘She laughingly assured us that the curds were made just hours ago.’
    • ‘‘We're at the embarrassing bit,’ she explains, and her PR laughingly says she'd better buy the paper to read the interview.’
    • ‘‘It is supposed to be a guest appearance, but I keep telling him that he has made me work real hard by giving me my longest lines ever,’ the actress says laughingly.’
    • ‘When people ask him how long he bakes his bread, Dale laughingly replies, ‘Some days it takes 30 minutes, others an hour; it depends on how hot the oven is.’’
    • ‘He applied for what he laughingly says his wife described as ‘real jobs’ - though he cannot remember what they were.’
    • ‘The shot-putter, who laughingly describes himself as ‘six-foot-four and 290 pounds’, says local women can be especially impressed by large men in tracksuits.’
    1. 1.1 With amused ridicule or ludicrous inappropriateness.
      ‘we finally reached what we laughingly called civilization’
      • ‘It would have covered the terrace outside the ‘out-house’ and made a mess of the grassed area, laughingly referred to as ‘the lawn’.’
      • ‘The mood on the coach was good humoured - laughingly compared to a school trip, except better prepared with wicker picnic baskets and a bottle of port.’
      • ‘Airlines have shrunk schedules and staffs to the point of eliminating what were laughingly referred to as meals on many routes.’
      • ‘And the information is cutting edge, though I hope that when my kids are my age, it will be laughingly obsolete.’
      • ‘He also believes that pensioners are underpaid, so does that mean that we can look forward to a substantial increase in what this government laughingly calls a pension?’
      • ‘Several points which had been lurking somewhere in the hidden depths of what I like to refer to laughingly as my mind crystallized as I was watching the game.’
      • ‘Around this time of year it's the ‘I'd better do something or I'll never get into one of those sparkly knotted hankies that designers laughingly call party dresses’.’
      • ‘She laughingly adds that working with the star was not such a terrible facet of making this move.’
      • ‘On the side, while we were doing what we laughingly refer to as ‘research’ for this piece, we came across this story from November 2000.’
      • ‘She plays down, somewhat laughingly, the individual importance of an Oscar.’
      • ‘Ok, I've sort of described what I'll be up to in what we laughingly call the near future.’
      • ‘At other times - and especially during what we laughingly call the Scottish ‘summer’ - only a horizontal week of sand and sea will do.’
      • ‘The camera's perched right above the monitor, looking out over what I laughingly call my ‘study.’’
      • ‘I don't know why I remember that; the movie itself was laughingly forgettable.’
      • ‘Bitter experience has taught me that resistance is futile, so it was with a heavy heart that I left my so-called home and got behind the wheel of what Brenda laughingly refers to as my ‘car’.’