Definition of laughing hyena in English:

laughing hyena


  • another term for spotted hyena
    • ‘The farce is in the hysterical-absurdist mode, leaping from excess to excess, part souped-up gazelle, part nastily laughing hyena.’
    • ‘His is the voice behind the indirect discourse that perceives them as laughing hyenas.’
    • ‘But I take humor seriously as well, as I feel it is one of those essential human values that distinguish us from the lesser creatures - apart from the laughing hyena, of course.’
    • ‘They also endured first-hand experiences with green mamba snakes, grunting warthogs, laughing hyenas, and black centipedes which would fall dramatically into the bath.’
    • ‘Lawyers have referred to black male defendants as ‘laughing hyenas out to kill someone,’ ‘vultures,’ ‘tigers,’ ‘mad dogs,’ and ‘animals in the jungle.’’
    • ‘‘A sense of humour is good for you,’ Hope wisecracked, ‘Ever heard of a laughing hyena with heart burn?’’