Definition of laudation in English:



mass nounformal
  • Praise; commendation.

    ‘he was singled out for laudation’
    count noun ‘laudations of her beauty’
    • ‘The three laudations that were addressed to the audience during the General Assembly are shown below.’
    • ‘The tree has seeds with holes, which have been used by visitors to make ‘tasbih,’ a string of 100 beads to recite laudations to God.’
    • ‘The historical background of such orations dates back to the laudation orations of classical times.’
    • ‘I'm delighted to present these award pages, all with laudations placed beside each award won.’
    • ‘Tea and supper were provided and all were loud in their laudations at the many good things on the tables before them.’
    commend, express approval of, express admiration for, applaud, pay tribute to, speak highly of, eulogize, compliment, congratulate, celebrate, sing the praises of, praise to the skies, rave about, go into raptures about, heap praise on, wax lyrical about, say nice things about, make much of, pat on the back, take one's hat off to, throw bouquets at, lionize, admire, hail, cheer, flatter
    praise, honour, extolment, applause, acclaim, acclamation, adulation, commendation, admiration, homage, distinction, prestige, approval, credit, kudos, glory, esteem, approbation, tribute, congratulations, plaudits, salutes, veneration, eulogy, panegyric, paean, encomium
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Late Middle English: from Latin laudatio(n-), from the verb laudare (see laud).