Definition of Latvian in English:



  • Relating to Latvia or its language.

    • ‘His father was Lithuanian, his mother Latvian.’
    • ‘Our correspondent reports from the Latvian capital, Riga.’
    • ‘Johnson set up a system of youth development throughout the country, and just as important, he set up a generation of Latvian players with transfers to clubs in the west.’
    • ‘A 33-year-old non-national will be brought before Dublin District Court this morning in relation to the fatal stabbing of the Latvian man.’
    • ‘And then I will get drunk, and because Mara and her family are Latvian, I will dance some sort of folk dance and look like an idiot.’
    • ‘In free Latvia, state money has been used to restore cemeteries where Latvian SS soldiers are buried, and museums recording the occupation from 1940 to 1990 have been established.’
    • ‘The company has already received inquiries from businesses as far away as Scotland interested in recruiting Latvian workers through the company's Riga office.’
    • ‘A long table held an international array of booze, from Australian wine to Latvian vodka to a particularly unpleasant ouzo.’
    • ‘An exception is a bizarre incident in May when a Latvian TV crew was detained in the region and kicked out of the country with no explanation.’
    • ‘He was walking home with two Latvian friends when they were overheard talking in Russian by a group of up to 20 teenagers in Lower Broughton Road.’
    • ‘This short film by the Latvian film maker is a life study of the people on the streets of Riga listening to a fragment of Mozart's music.’
    • ‘His highly resonant and original stories assume the shape of Russian classics, but are drawn from his life growing up as a very young Latvian immigrant in Toronto.’
    • ‘On Thursday, they picked up their first European win in five years, taking a slender 1-0 win over Latvian side Ventspils in the first stage of the UEFA Cup.’
    • ‘If she's Greek, then my dad, also a first-generation American, is Latvian.’
    • ‘The Latvian spokesperson said they were standing behind their commissioner designate.’
    • ‘Another interesting part of the rehearsal, and what proves to be interesting about the course as a whole, is related to the presence of a visiting Latvian conductor and his wife.’
    • ‘By the 1980s, Latvian language and culture were on the verge of extinction, and some drastic measures were needed to galvanise them after independence.’
    • ‘A few Latvian expletives were projected out the window, then those blue suede shoes hit that accelerator, and we all had had our first taste of Baltic road rage.’
    • ‘Some brilliant Latvian geeks made a sequence of images that, when viewed in stop-action animation, shows a robot-like man walking.’
    • ‘He explained that the Gardai had been searching for some time for the body of a Latvian national who had gone missing while rock fishing.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Latvia.

    • ‘I am sure the Dutch and the Latvians are disappointed about this but it's why there are squads of 23 players.’
    • ‘Only 33 per cent of Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians think membership ‘is a good thing’.’
    • ‘The Latvians have a better approach to their architectural heritage than we do.’
    • ‘The regime aimed to transform the country into a typical Soviet one, and many native Latvians were deported and Russians brought in to help achieve this.’
    • ‘After a confused period of war between Latvians, Germans, and Bolshevik Russians, international recognition was gained in 1921 and the Constitution of the Republic agreed in 1922.’
    • ‘It is also because we listened to the Latvians and Lithuanians, Czechs and Cubans that washed up upon the landlocked plains.’
    • ‘Outnumbered by Czech fans, the Latvians gave a good account of themselves, as did their team, leading for half an hour.’
    • ‘Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians suffered as others had before them.’
    • ‘Most Latvians dress in standard European clothes for everyday wear.’
    • ‘Four days later, a Croatian victory over the Latvians may well relegate the Scots to third place.’
    • ‘There were no Indo-European people closer to the Indo-Iranics than the northern European Baltic people i.e. the Lithuanians, the Latvians and the Prussians.’
    • ‘At this time native Estonians and Latvians were beginning to settle in the towns, and from this new class there emerged nationalist and revolutionary groups.’
    • ‘The Saami and the Estonians are the closest populations, while the Finns are separate and the Latvians and Lithuanians are close together but somewhat separated from the rest.’
    • ‘Why did some Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and others acquiesce and sometimes help the fascists exterminate their Jewish neighbors?’
    • ‘He is urging the Indian Government to release him after five Latvians imprisoned with him were freed following their President's intervention.’
    • ‘Deportation now awaits the six Latvians, two Lithuanians, four Russians, four Moldovans and two Ukrainians who were detained at Kendal and Penrith police stations after the raids.’
    • ‘In 1993, according to Latvian government statistics, 53.5 percent of inhabitants were ethnic Latvians, while 33.5 percent were Russians.’
    • ‘The attack was complemented in the west by attacks from nationalities hitherto under Russian control, i.e. Finns, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and Poles.’
    • ‘The imperial accusation comes from the substantial populations of Tibetans, Latvians and so forth who do not identify with Russia, and yet get ruled by them anyway.’
    • ‘They deported at least 300,000 Lithuanians, 250,000 Latvians, 350,000 Jews, and three-quarters of a million Poles to the interior.’
  • 2[mass noun] The official language of Latvia, which belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family and has about 1.5 million speakers.

    • ‘For some reason they filled out six different reports, all handwritten in Latvian.’
    • ‘The show includes 120 displays of photographs, documents, relics and texts in four languages - English, Latvian, French and Welsh.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Latvian and Maltese will have the right to be treated on the same footing as French, German or English.’
    • ‘There are links to 1,203 sites in languages other than English, including one in Arabic and one in Latvian.’
    • ‘If you were in Dundee in 1790, you would have heard Russian, American and Latvian spoken.’
    • ‘More people know Irish than Maltese, Latvian or Estonian, the protestors claimed.’
    • ‘She was immediately bundled away by a security guard, complaining in Latvian that Britain was ‘the enemy’.’
    • ‘She is 85 now and not well, but Brigita was telling her who I was in Latvian, while she was holding my hand.’
    • ‘The original Evening Press article which told of Charles finding his family has since been translated into Latvian, and printed in a local newspaper sold in Riga.’
    • ‘Imagine if I'd had to learn to read and write in English… you might not read my blog if I spoke, say, Latvian or Estonian… would you!’
    • ‘It should be interesting, as I haven't got much Latvian these days and they have no English,’ he said.’
    • ‘Millions of people will continue to speak Italian, Greek, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Lebanese and the world's many other languages when they die out in Australia.’
    • ‘Latvian words are stressed on the first syllable, and written Latvian is largely phonetic.’
    • ‘I was simultaneously translated via headphones into Latvian and Russian.’
    • ‘Even menus in Russian restaurants are printed exclusively in Latvian, the republic's only official tongue.’
    • ‘Modern Latvian shows the influences of former conquerors.’
    • ‘How many people, for example, can translate from Latvian into Maltese?’
    • ‘Amidst the Babel-like diversity, Brother Wolfgang spoke alternately in German and in English, while others translated into Latvian, French, Italian and Dutch.’
    • ‘The new Latvian government reinstated Latvian as the official language.’
    • ‘The fact that it's in Latvian (although they have released versions in several languages, including Belarussian, but not English), will mean this fails to qualify for Saturday.’