Definition of Latinate in English:



  • (of language) having the character of Latin.

    ‘Latinate oaths’
    • ‘The latter is a corruption of the Latinate words for ‘black.’’
    • ‘Nicolaus Copernicus is the Latinate name of the renowned astronomer and polymath, born in 1473 to a well-placed mercantile family in the Polish town of Torun.’
    • ‘The 15th century represents a low point for the Latinate tradition, but it revives in the 16th century under the impact of humanism and the regeneration of the universities.’
    • ‘She found herself using large Latinate words, the meanings of which she never could have paraphrased, but which reproduced themselves in her sentences with startling precision.’
    • ‘But English is only partly a Latinate language.’