Definition of Latin Quarter in English:

Latin Quarter


  • The district of Paris on the south bank of the Seine where the main university buildings are situated, associated with writers and artists.

    ‘the opera is set in the Latin Quarter in Paris in 1830’
    • ‘Dominating one of the walls of the gallery in the Latin Quarter is a huge new painting.’
    • ‘Saturday night I went to a dance at the Astor Hotel, then went to the Latin Quarter—boy, are they some places.’
    • ‘We found a nice hotel for about £35 in the Latin Quarter.’
    • ‘Act 2 is set on Christmas Eve in the Latin Quarter.’
    • ‘Every day there were hundreds of students who gathered in the Latin Quarter with flying squads.’


Mid 19th century: translation of French quartier latin (alluding to the fact that Latin was spoken in the university during the Middle Ages).