Definition of laticifer in English:



  • A cell, tissue, or vessel that contains or conducts latex.

    • ‘However, it should be noted that tyloses are reported in tracheids of some species of Pinus and even in such cell types as fibre-tracheids or laticifers.’
    • ‘This problem could also be caused by the toxic exudates from damaged laticifers that affect the vascular tissues directly.’
    • ‘This is no mother's milk, however, but a latex exuded by specialized structures, called laticifers, that are found throughout the plant.’
    • ‘The method enabled the analysis of ionic currents of laticifer protoplasts of Hevea brasiliensis, root hair cells of Medicago sativa and guard cells of several species.’
    • ‘The rupture of the laticifers stops the flow of latex to the margin of the leaf that is subsequently consumed by these beetles.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin latex, latic- ‘fluid’ + -fer ‘bearing’.