Definition of lateralize in English:


(also lateralise)


be lateralized
  • 1(of the brain) show laterality.

    ‘male brains are more lateralized than those of females’
    • ‘Males showed right lateralized activation in the more difficult spatial tasks and bilateral activation across all spatial tasks, whereas females showed less activation in both levels of the task.’
    • ‘The chick with the strongly lateralised brain is able to concentrate on feeding using its right eye and left hemisphere, because the input from one eye goes to the opposite hemisphere.’
    • ‘She's the person who discovered mammals aren't the only ones with lateralised left and right sides of the brain.’
    • ‘When speech took over from gesture, it seems, the language system became lateralised.’
    • ‘Their opinion was that negative emotions are more lateralized in the brain because they are associated with survival mechanisms.’
    • ‘Moreover, different kinds of rewards (in this case, the ‘rush’ of romantic love, compared with the pleasing experience of looking at a pretty or handsome face) is also lateralized.’
    • ‘This has led to the hypothesis that this treatment may be helpful in dampening that lateralized hyperexcitability.’
    • ‘The author develops a rationale for cerebral asymmetry and specialization that goes well beyond that necessitated by early observations of lateralized language skills.’
    • ‘So I think the important questions to answer now are really what are the advantages to the individual and the population to be lateralised in this way?’
    • ‘An unusual DNA strand-segregation model was proposed recently to explain development of lateralized, nonequivalent brain hemispheres in healthy individuals.’
    • ‘But you see you don't need to have hands to be lateralised.’
    1. 1.1with adverbial (of an organ, function, or activity) be largely under the control of one or other side of the brain.
      ‘this is a function which is usually lateralized on the right’
      • ‘Studies that demand this kind of hemispheric competition have revealed that control over voluntary attention seems to be preferentially lateralized to the left hemisphere.’
    2. 1.2Medicine with adverbial (of a lesion or pathological process) be diagnosed as localized to one or other side of the brain.
      • ‘It is however uncommon for depression to involve lateralised impairment.’