Definition of lateral line in English:

lateral line


  • A visible line along the side of a fish consisting of a series of sense organs which detect pressure and vibration.

    • ‘Two to three scales bear a pore behind the inversion line until the lateral line ends at a caudal fin ray.’
    • ‘True roach have 9-10 rays in their dorsal fin and 42 to 45 scales along the lateral line.’
    • ‘Sharks can detect vibrations in the water from a few 100m via their lateral lines, a series of pressure-sensitive organs extending along their flanks and over their faces.’
    • ‘Catsharks, like all other fishes, sense their environment hydrodynamically through the lateral line, a series of pores connecting a complex internal canal system with the outside water.’
    • ‘The lateral line arches over the pectoral fins, and each scale has a prominent white or blue spot.’