Definition of lately in English:



  • Recently; not long ago.

    ‘she hasn't been looking too well lately’
    • ‘She's taken quite a few lately with her mum's phone camera and they are surprisingly decent.’
    • ‘Have you felt you needed to keep these aspects of yourself under wraps lately?’
    • ‘I usually keep most of my political views to myself, but lately a little has been spilling out here.’
    • ‘The two clubs have done a lot of talking lately, about fixtures, Festival Cups and the like.’
    • ‘Asked whether he had taken any time off lately, Josh appears not to understand the question.’
    • ‘I haven't written much lately due to being generally tired from work and a bit uninspired.’
    • ‘Anyone and everyone who has spoken to the Prime Minister lately can have no doubt as to the ambition.’
    • ‘As for a source for the story, I haven't seen anything lately, but she talks about it here.’
    • ‘I slacked off a bit on the viewing in July and August, but I've been picking up the pace lately.’
    • ‘Have you lately observed any encroachment on the just liberties of the people?’
    • ‘Just lately it feels like that well has overflowed and all those little packages are coming undone.’
    • ‘As you can see from about two posts ago, my mind has been taking the occasional hike down memory lane lately.’
    • ‘I told him my tour was a bit of a nightmare, and that my finances have been seriously freaking me out lately.’
    • ‘Feelings of frustrated paternalism have been coursing through me and partner lately.’
    • ‘I have been very busy lately and the ongoing project will take up about a few more weeks.’
    • ‘Let's run down the list of the big hype bands that the Brits have spilled a lot of ink on lately.’
    • ‘Other public places include airports, now have you tried to find the smoking area in one lately?’
    • ‘Some of you may feel you've been getting a bit too much cricket here lately.’
    • ‘With all this terrorism stuff lately, it seems that signs of regression are starting to appear.’
    • ‘I've been so quiet lately the readers have started to write the spoofs themselves.’
    recently, of late, latterly, in the past few days, in the last couple of weeks, in recent times
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Old English lætlīce ‘slowly, tardily’ (see late, -ly).