Definition of late-model in English:



North American
  • (especially of a car) recently made or of a recent design.

    ‘my stolen car was a late-model Ford’
    • ‘When your late-model car's oxygen sensor goes on the fritz, it will impair operation of the catalytic converter and probably cause your car to flunk its next emission test.’
    • ‘Tverskaya Street, the capital's principal artery, is filled with strollers, late-model cars, and outdoor cafés.’
    • ‘The used car market also thrived, thanks to the emergence of the so-called ‘near-new market,’ featuring many late-model, low-mileage vehicles with long warranty plans.’
    • ‘Deepening used-car market penetration and sparking interest in his stores, Martin expanded his selection of late-model as well as older used cars, widening the cheap-to-expensive spread.’
    • ‘External factors such as gasoline prices have recently depressed the values of late-model gas-guzzlers, thereby increasing the amount of depreciation suffered by these vehicles.’
    • ‘The wide availability of late-model used vehicles is one of the major negative impacts of the zero-percent financing boom.’
    • ‘It had a neat yellow paint job and a black satellite dish bolted to its roof, and the driveway was packed with three late-model vehicles - two extended-cab pickups and a 30-foot motor home.’
    • ‘In my opinion, the easiest cars to work on are late-model four-cylinder Japanese cars.’
    • ‘It might not have anything resembling an actual sidewalk, but there is a late-model SUV parked in every driveway and the local restaurant was serving mahi-mahi and shrimp pomodoro.’
    • ‘If you've ever used a cell phone, turned the key in the ignition of a late-model car, heated up lunch in a microwave or had a pacemaker installed, you've been touched by Kilby's legacy.’
    • ‘With them will come the expensive boutiques, the chic coffee shops, the late-model cars.’
    • ‘Though endearingly dorky, he had some pretty sweet wheels: a late-model BMW.’
    • ‘‘I was having fun driving late-model cars,’ Junior says.’
    • ‘There is a late-model car parked out front, beside which the Chief parks his station wagon.’
    • ‘And while owners of all makes and models are welcome to apply, news reports note that generally these companies prefer late-model, distinctive vehicles.’
    • ‘I hit the horn and watched the event unfold in slow motion: The late-model sedan kissed the side of my car, and kept going, pressing deeper into the door.’
    • ‘Also, many late-model cars now offer satellite radio either as a standard or an optional feature.’
    • ‘Of the four late-model cars pictured, only the VW Beetle gets somewhat decent gas mileage.’