Definition of latch on in English:

latch on

phrasal verb

  • (of a breastfeeding baby) get its mouth into the correct position around the nipple.

    ‘Jamie wasn't latching on properly, and my nipple got sorer and sorer’
    • ‘When baby latches on, he will take a few quick sucks and then begin to suck a bit more slowly, deeply and rhythmically.’
    • ‘He had stopped gaining weight, and it had become so painful when he latched on that I began to dread him waking up.’
    • ‘This may happen if the baby is not latching on properly to your nipple.’
    • ‘In the instance of thrush, babies may pull off the breast, refuse to latch on, or make clicking sounds.’
    • ‘She shared the experience with us and she never left our side until the baby had latched on and was feeding.’
    • ‘In most cases, cracked or bleeding nipples can be healed by adjusting the way the baby is positioned at the breast and correcting his technique of latching on.’
    • ‘Check that your baby is latching on properly to your breast - ask your midwife or health visitor if you are not sure.’
    • ‘She had plenty of breast milk but the child was not latching on properly to feed.’
    • ‘I found breastfeeding very difficult at first - he wouldn't latch on.’
    • ‘You are led to believe that your baby will naturally latch on, and off you go on a journey of blissful feeding.’