Definition of last rites in English:

last rites

plural noun

  • (in the Christian Church) rites administered to a person who is about to die.

    ‘a priest came to give her the Last Rites’
    • ‘A Catholic priest recites the last rites to a dying member of the Church and may offer mass for a soul that may have departed to purgatory before making peace with God.’
    • ‘I felt as if I'd interrupted a priest administering last rites.’
    • ‘As he lay dying in Zurich in 1940, a priest asked Nora, still a Catholic, if he should administer last rites.’
    • ‘The Vatican said the pope suffered heart failure and had received the last rites, sacraments given to those close to death.’
    • ‘The Pope received the sacrament for the sick and dying - the last rites - on Thursday evening.’
    • ‘So serious was his condition that, several times before he even became president, he was administered last rites by Catholic priests.’
    • ‘Sudden death smashed upon the kneeling priest when, having removed his helmet, he was administering the last rites to a dying fireman.’
    • ‘Death pervades the film, from the dead soldier in the opening scene to the final shots where a priest goes to administer the last rites against the sound of gunfire.’
    • ‘At one point he was so sick that the last rites were administered.’
    • ‘Her injuries were so serious that the last rites were administered in hospital.’
    • ‘After receiving the last rites of the church, he died at three o'clock in the afternoon in his wife's arms, aged sixty-eight.’
    • ‘Preparation for death included deathbed prayers and the last rites, administered by a priest.’
    • ‘In fact, the fury she unleashed upon the itinerant priest who administered her last rites had sprung from the failure of his holy water to shrink the tumor in her gut.’
    • ‘The parish clergyman would arrive to administer the last rites.’
    • ‘Amongst the carnage and confusion, members of the clergy delivered the last rites to the dead.’
    • ‘The chaplain had to administer the last rites to his flight boots.’
    • ‘He has received the last rites of the church at the Vatican.’
    • ‘Why does Paul believe his mother refused communion when Michael gave her the last rites of the church?’
    • ‘We come with hope that we won't ever have to administer last rites to baseball's most exciting play.’
    • ‘After saying the rosary with me, he asked if I wanted the last rites of the Catholic Church.’


last rites