Definition of Lariam in English:



mass nountrademark
  • another term for mefloquine
    • ‘Some of the reported side effects of Lariam can include suicidal tendencies, depression and paranoia.’
    • ‘In addition there were two bundles comprising articles, papers and research documents on Lariam, reports and letters to and from clinicians.’
    • ‘By the time I moved to a country where this was again a problem a new drug Lariam came along and you only had to take it once a week, rather than daily.’
    • ‘We are not seeking to have Lariam banned, because we are not doctors.’
    • ‘Recent bad publicity about the side-effects of Lariam, which contains mefloquine, has meant that some people are now unwilling to take it, even though it is the most effective drug to combat malaria strains endemic in many countries.’
    • ‘The FDA now requires that patients be warned that some people taking Lariam experience paranoia, severe anxiety, depression, hallucinations or suicidal thoughts.’
    • ‘The Pentagon, also, Kyra, is now studying the entire medical issue of Lariam, because at least a dozen or so soldiers also have reported inner ear disorders that some military doctors believe may be linked to the long term use of Lariam.’
    • ‘One popular suspect is Lariam, a popular antimalarial drug generally marketed as Larium in Europe, that has been cited in a spate of lawsuits.’


1980s: probably from partial rearrangement of malaria.