Definition of largeness in English:



  • See large

    • ‘It is out of this that we will develop the largeness of heart, mind and spirit that will manifest the goodwill we must share with our fellow men.’
    • ‘I use the structure of the lyric to arrive to that last line that will, in my hopes, open to the widest aperture, to the most light, to capture in the smallest of instances, the largeness of life and its myriad of possibilities.’
    • ‘He also criticized the European Union for being a toy for political elites and civil servants, detested by the people for its largeness of scale, bureaucracy and megalomania.’
    • ‘As bold, vivid, and accomplished as it was and still is, this work now seems without sufficient freedom of origin to nourish the largeness of vision that makes a piece of literature outlast its own time.’
    • ‘I can understand the suffering she's experienced in a discriminatory society, but I felt very sad that someone who had campaigned for so long on largeness decided to go on the most depriving food regime.’