Definition of largemouth in English:



North American
  • The largemouth bass.

    • ‘It was a tough trip, but the fishing was outstanding - smallmouths to 3 pounds, largemouths and lots of sunfish.’
    • ‘What would it feel like to bait a hook with one of these animals, and reel in a fifty-pound largemouth?’
    • ‘State hatcheries churn out millions of genetically superior largemouths and redfish fingerlings annually.’
    • ‘Duke also points out that freshwater black bass, the familiar largemouth and smallmouth, are found in 49 of the 50 states.’
    • ‘Scientists are studying the species to see why some largemouths grow faster than others and seeing if they can isolate that gene or characteristic so as to be able to introduce it in smaller bass populations.’