Definition of lardy in English:



  • See lard

    • ‘Discerning quiches have all been repositioned as ‘tarts’ to set them apart from those lardy eggy slabs.’
    • ‘If we want to stop western obesity, we can either change our entire sedentary life style, all take loads of amphetamines or get someone to invent really nice, tasty, fast food that isn't lardy as hell.’
    • ‘We both opt for the lardy full Scottish breakfast option, but judging by the smell (and look, because I am staring at someone else's table) of the locally smoked kippers, they would be equally as satisfying.’
    • ‘Similarly, my chicken tikka balti was tender and sizzling, the balti sauce sharp and tangy rather than a bland, lardy stew as is often the case, and the vegetable pilau rice we both had was full of tasty veg.’
    • ‘With that came the now familiar combo of greasy offal (in this case lardy black pudding) with sweet sauce, this time a ‘red berry jus’.’