Definition of lardon in English:


(also lardoon)


  • A chunk or cube of bacon used to lard meat.

    • ‘Eat them at once on rustic toast, or as a component in a traditional cooked breakfast (great with runny scrambled eggs), or in a salad with bitter greens and lardons of smoked bacon.’
    • ‘There were lardons in every savoury dish, unwelcome both on grounds of repetition and salt, which he arguably overdoes.’
    • ‘It was plated upright, on a giant white platter, and its interior was speckled with peppery lardons and smudges of warm Roquefort.’
    • ‘This can also be prepared as one big hashbrown and served in wedges, and you can add other things in with the grated potatoes, such as herbs, lardons or bacon bits.’
    • ‘Garnish with some croutons - a bit of shaved Parmesan would be delicious, too, as would a few sautéed mushrooms and lardons.’
    • ‘It came served on fondant potatoes with button onions and bacon lardons, finished with a truffle and red wine jus.’
    • ‘It is dressed with a lively, mustardy vinaigrette and gigged with major-league lardons, cubes of crisped lean bacon that also work as a garnish to the good baked potatoes.’
    • ‘One of my favourite dishes was the crêpe au boudin noir, a folded pancake topped with fruit chutney, drizzled with yogurt and filled with blood pudding and fatty lardons.’
    • ‘Sprinkle the beef with the bacon lardons and chopped parsley.’
    • ‘Cut the bacon into lardons and fry in the oil in a small frying pan for about 3-5 minutes until crispy.’
    • ‘My main course was advertised as ‘braised pork cheeks, sauerkraut and crisp lardons, mustard and tarragon’.’
    • ‘Even if the salad is dressed with strips of duck, bits of bacon lardons, goat cheese or sliced hard-boiled eggs, stay the course.’
    • ‘Use lardons of bacon, chopped ham, sunflower seeds or even mixed salad leaves.’
    • ‘Add the diced onion and half the lardons or bacon together with the herbs and sauté for 5 minutes till softened.’
    • ‘The lardons, however, were curiously fatty and squidgy.’
    • ‘Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large saucepan and sauté the lardons until the fat starts to run.’
    • ‘To start I had the salad of black pudding with red onion marmalade and bacon lardons at £6.69.’
    • ‘The chef used pancetta to add some saltiness rather than lardons (the French equivalent of bacon bits).’
    • ‘They came with tiny white beans that tasted of salt and goose fat (not unlike a confit) but with a herby edge, and ribbons of bright green savoy cabbage, cooked with bacon lardons.’
    • ‘The centerpiece of this menu is inspired by the French salad frisee aux lardons, in which crisp greens, soft poached eggs, and bacon mingle deliciously with cracked black pepper.’


Late Middle English: from French, from lard bacon (see lard).