Definition of larch in English:



  • A coniferous tree with bunches of deciduous bright green needles, found in cool regions of the northern hemisphere. It is grown for its tough timber and its resin (which yields turpentine).

    Genus Larix, family Pinaceae: several species, including the common (or European) larch (L. decidua)

    • ‘And in fall, as the larches yellow and the willows redden, its colors are rich, poignant.’
    • ‘Beyond my kitchen's open windows were scarlet geraniums on the balcony; a background of pines, hemlocks and larches in the garden; blue sky; bees buzzing lazily among the flowers.’
    • ‘Eventually, dwarf mistletoe plants steal enough water, minerals, and nutrients to kill the ponderosa and lodgepole pines, Douglas-firs, western larches, and western hemlocks they attack.’
    • ‘That's where ponderosa pine and western larch grow and where more people live.’
    • ‘The following day the ground rose up beneath us, and the fir trees thinned to larches, and there was more Sun and open glades with grass for our horses to graze upon.’


Mid 16th century: from Middle High German larche, based on Latin larix.