Definition of larboard in English:



  • archaic term for port
    • ‘The young woman nodded, and turned away from the larboard.’
    • ‘Walking to larboard, he tipped the bucket over watching the crab sail down the side of Indefatigable, back from whence it came.’
    • ‘He let out a sigh, tucked the new information aside, and stepped to join the conversation taking place to larboard.’
    • ‘Three men were at the back of the cannon ready to push, another two stood by with blocks to put behind the wheels to keep it from rolling back to larboard, and another two stood ready with lengths of lumber to hold the block in place.’


Middle English ladebord (see lade, board), referring to the side on which cargo was put aboard. The change to lar- in the 16th century was due to association with starboard.