Definition of lapsed in English:



  • 1No longer valid; expired:

    ‘a lapsed insurance policy’
    • ‘Another group of nurses who had been certified but let their certification lapse, cited several reasons for their lapsed certification.’
    • ‘When propelled by an avalanche of media-fueled fear, the inert indigent of the net slowly update their lapsed anti-virus software.’
    • ‘The application fees for those lapsed applications will be refunded in full.’
    • ‘If they are not renewed by Friday, 7th October, they will be considered lapsed and a new application will be necessary.’
    • ‘Included in the sale is an adjoining site at 1 Abbeylane, with lapsed planning permission for a detached four-bedroom residence.’
    • ‘First, the sample used was a commercial list and had not been "cleaned" to remove obsolete, duplicate or lapsed addresses.’
    • ‘It would indeed be absurd to require them to determine conditions for a lapsed permission.’
    • ‘A congressional hearing today finally got around to talking about enforcing visa laws and deporting aliens with lapsed visas.’
    • ‘He received a letter today from his insurance company about his lapsed household insurance.’
    • ‘This latest application replaces an almost identical lapsed planning permission granted in 1994.’
    • ‘If they have lodged an application for a job-search visa they are OK; their applications are not lapsed.’
    • ‘The list runs from community policing and the lapsed assault-weapons ban to federal aid to faith-based social programs, stem-cell research to environmental protections to Pell grants for expanded college opportunity.’
    • ‘There is a discussion in the commentary on the bill, under the heading "Reviving certain lapsed coastal permits", that explains why that provision has been put in place.’
    1. 1.1 No longer following the rules and practices of a religion or doctrine; non-practising:
      ‘a lapsed Catholic’
      • ‘This organization is peaceful and devotes itself to recovering lapsed Muslims for a fundamentalist version of Islam.’
      • ‘They want to use Islam as the lightning rod to convince lapsed Christians that unless they become more religious, society around them will collapse from the Muslim onslaught.’
      • ‘But except for the four lapsed Mormons who attended, they stood alone.’
      • ‘A lapsed Ukrainian Catholic, he retains a respect for the imagery of the church, for its mythical implications.’
      • ‘I liked being brought up in the Church and I'd like to think I could do that for my kids, but at the moment I'm fairly lapsed.’
      • ‘The reality of there being a significant number of lapsed Catholics is a long-standing part of Catholic culture.’
      • ‘Dad was a lapsed Presbyterian who believed in medicine, Mother a Christian Scientist who believed in prayer.’
      • ‘The celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings, since her new husband is also a lapsed Catholic.’
      • ‘I confess: I am a lapsed vegetarian.’
      • ‘As a lapsed Catholic myself, I have respect for the persuasive power and discipline of organised religion.’
      • ‘On the whole, and as a result, I started to find it easier to speak about spiritual issues with Catholics (lapsed Catholics, mostly) than Jews.’
      • ‘A former refugee who describes herself as a lapsed Muslim, she campaigned against Muslims who reject Dutch values such as gender equality and gay rights.’
      • ‘What did I, a lapsed Episcopalian, know about vespers?’
      • ‘Next time I hope the Welsh communists will come up north to visit their lapsed brethern.’
      • ‘As a lapsed protestant agnostic with Buddhist tendencies I cannot overly mourn his passing.’
      • ‘As in every Mormon ward, missionaries provide a gamut of services for members, whether active or lapsed.’
      • ‘I am reinforced in my self indulgence by the attitude of another lapsed vegetarian friend.’
      • ‘Now preachers from Britain, America and the East are flocking here to convert lapsed Catholics to their codes.’
      • ‘I was a lapsed yogi and an inactive meditator.’
      • ‘I'm a lapsed vegetarian, so red meat is my guilty pleasure.’