Definition of lappy in English:



  • A laptop.

    ‘I'm going to transfer my CD collection to the lappy’
    • ‘Anyway, we jumped in, fired up the lappy, and it refused to work.’
    • ‘I got dressed and went out to the shop even before switching on lappy or having any breakfast.’
    • ‘I have also finally got file sharing set up on my network so that I can utilise the external hard drive on my lappy without having to keep disconnecting it from the PC every time.’
    • ‘I will have the lappy with me, and wireless internet wherever I may go.’
    • ‘For those with lappies with ExpressCard slots, it would seem like a sweet piece of storage.’
    • ‘It looks like another step in the right direction for Dell lappies.’
    • ‘I had the amusement of talking her through installing XP on her new IBM lappy last night.’
    • ‘So now I can control the lappy when it's playing tunes through my surround sound system.’
    • ‘The technicians came today to install the new motherboard in my lappy.’
    • ‘Since the lappy stays behind so as to not tempt me with its internet wiles, I'm very behind on my blogs.’
    • ‘We're going to pick a winner at random, so all of you have an equal chance to snatch yourself a lappy.’
    • ‘I have a place to set up the lappy in the computer room; not a lot of privacy to write blog entries in I'm afraid.’
    • ‘Left my lappy at home again today, in the interests of self-preservation and general peace amongst men.’
    • ‘Think these HD DVD drives in the lappies are subsidized?’
    • ‘Don't forget to bring lappy for drama.’
    • ‘The water-proofness of this case will only keep your lappy dry up to 1 meter in depth, so unfortunately no deep sea blogging.’
    • ‘There may have been some sofware updates to the lappies rolled out to the kids, I don't know.’
    • ‘The graphics will be viable for any rig or lappy.’
    • ‘In fact this lappy is going to join that suitcase shortly more later’
    • ‘For now its just me and the lappy, waiting for the science to happen in those little tubes on my bench.’