Definition of Lappish in English:



  • Relating to the Lapps (Sami) or their language.

    • ‘But it also lists about 50 languages that are at risk in Europe, including the Celtic languages of Britain and several of the Sami or Lappish tongues spoken in Scandinavia and northern Russia.’
    • ‘The client, the municipality of Karasjok, initially asked for a building in Lappish style when they commissioned Bjerk & Bjorge.’
    • ‘The first night's catch of perch, grayling and pike turn up as an aperitif, variously salted, cured and smoked, and served with endless glasses of ice-cold Lappish vodka.’
    • ‘I'm beginning to flag by now, but we still have our Lappish ceremony to go.’


mass noun
  • The Lapp language.

    • ‘The languages spoken in this area are the Germanic languages Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish and the Finno-Ugric languages Lappish and Finnish.’
    • ‘Finnish and Lappish - the language of Finland's small Lapp minority - both are Finno-Ugric languages and are in the Uralic rather than the Indo-European family.’
    • ‘The fact that he's wrong (at least for classical Greek) shouldn't harm it - maybe he's right about forgiveness in Lappish or Tibetan or Pottawatomi.’