Definition of lanthanide in English:



  • Any of the series of fifteen metallic elements from lanthanum to lutetium in the periodic table (atomic numbers 57–71).

    See also rare earth
    • ‘In such cases, a chelated lanthanide that is associated with one partner sensitizes an acceptor on a complementary partner when these species are within the typical Forster distance range of 3 to 9 nm.’
    • ‘Elements in this group are also known as the lanthanides after the first element in that group, lanthanum.’
    • ‘Other particles containing yttria and some lanthanides are phosphors that be processed to form light-emitting devices.’
    • ‘Indeed, to ‘flip’ acidic bicelles while maintaining well-ordered structures, only small concentrations of lanthanides can be added.’
    • ‘The lanthanides make up the elements between barium and hafnium in Row 6 of the periodic table.’


1920s: from lanthanum + -ide.