Definition of lanternfish in English:


nounPlural lanternfishes

  • A deep-sea fish that has light organs on its body, seen chiefly when it rises to the surface at night.

    Family Myctophidae: several genera and species

    • ‘Midwater species, such as lanternfishes, hatchetfishes and dragonfishes have rows of lights along the underside of the body, probably for mating and identification as well as foraging.’
    • ‘Ayres found a lanternfish at Old Man's Harbor ‘rolled and chafed by the tide’ on 31 October 1841.’
    • ‘Octopi, lanternfish, sharks, dolphin… you name it and it was there.’
    • ‘The Galaxoidea, in turn, are paraphyletic and contain the Stomiiformes (lanternfishes) which are often regarded as part of the Stenopterygii.’
    • ‘Diet consists of squid, octopus, anchovies, lanternfish, hoki, and sometimes penguins.’