Definition of langouste in English:



  • A spiny lobster, especially when prepared and cooked.

    • ‘Over there, in the Caribbean, all langoustes are nationalised; they have to be sold to tourists for currency.’
    • ‘Sometimes referred to as rock lobster or langouste, it is generally found in warmer waters.’
    • ‘Today we do not have live spiny lobsters (langouste) in great abundance.’
    • ‘Morays, congers, scorpionfish, parrot fish, damsel fish, most of the 20 different species of wrasse found in the Med, cardinal fish, saupe, corb and langouste all make regular appearances on dives in the reserve.’
    • ‘And they serve the intense fish broth separately from the fish, which includes rascasse, rouget, langouste and tiny little crabs.’


French, from Old Provençal lagosta, based on Latin locusta ‘locust, crustacean’.