Definition of landscaper in English:



  • See landscape

    • ‘One landscaper commented that he'd been called in to look at dying trees and found them struggling with 8 to 10 inches of trunk-burying mulch, and even producing extra roots into the mulch.’
    • ‘These included the strength of the economy, the continued increase in home ownership, the influence of television garden makeover programmes and the shift towards larger and more mature planting by landscapers.’
    • ‘It showed that 62% of landscapers found it difficult to find skilled staff, despite its forecast for an additional 5100 workers to join the industry by 2006.’
    • ‘I wandered down the main road, past the heavy hydraulic vehicle barriers, no-trespassing notices, cameras, and some landscapers making a racket with a leaf-blower.’
    • ‘Gardai should be asked to stop all scrambling/quadbiking activity in the ground adjacent to the cemetery and a landscaper should be commissioned to provide suitable shrubs and climbers around the forbidding block walls.’