Definition of landscape gardening in English:

landscape gardening


mass noun
  • The art and practice of laying out grounds in a way which is ornamental or which imitates natural scenery.

    • ‘Stained glass, so essential to Chartres splendour, is now more associated with craft than art; and landscape gardening seems a hobby or design practice rather than Art.’
    • ‘The Horatian satires of a Pope, the Palladian designs of a Burlington, and the still essentially formal landscape gardening beloved of classicists such as William Kent belonged to the same world.’
    • ‘But by speaking of himself as if he were a bay-window angled to catch the sun, he allows me to stare off comfortably into the middle distance as if we were discussing town planning or landscape gardening.’
    • ‘English versus Continental riding practice bears comparison with differences between English and Continental taste in landscape gardening, as seen from the English side.’
    • ‘In retirement I look forward to hedonistic self-indulgence in the form of reading whatever strikes my fancy, landscape gardening, golf, travel, research, and writing.’
    • ‘FAS leader, Emily Corrigan, presented a report on the training programme for its participants which included childcare, tile laying, first-aid, computer training and landscape gardening.’
    • ‘As for John Williams, he has put landscape gardening on hold.’
    • ‘The aim of the course, according to Teagasc, is to create new opportunities for young people not just in farming but in wider areas, such as landscape gardening and amenity horticulture.’
    • ‘The Diploma in Horticulture will lead to rewarding careers in a wide range of areas including landscape gardening, nursery stock production, vegetable and fruit production and green-keeping, he added…’
    • ‘Gabelhouse's interests outside of the martial arts or business include mountaineering, bonsai cultivation, fishing and fly tying, oil painting, landscape gardening, writing and watching his 21 year old daughter play rugby.’
    • ‘Eyton's approaches to landscape gardening and painting are the same: ‘It's good to do a bit at a time’.’
    • ‘The movement and the contrast of light and shade are akin to the effects ‘Capability’ Brown was achieving at the same time in the new art of landscape gardening.’
    • ‘Two chapters are devoted to Tiffany's houses and landscape gardening.’
    • ‘British writers (since Addison and Pope) had paved the way, inventing landscape gardening as a materialization of painting inside nature.’
    • ‘He tried construction work, landscape gardening and selling cars.’
    • ‘In Book II of Critique of Judgement, Immanuel Kant discusses landscape gardening as a kind of concrete painting, an idea that is suggestive of installation art.’
    • ‘Applications include plant nurseries, landscape gardening, as a refrigerated vehicle, security (cash in transit), food and beverage, furniture removals and farming.’
    • ‘For the analogy with art, or the art of landscape gardening, which is adumbrated here is clearly one that cannot be worked through straightforwardly.’
    • ‘King, like McQuesten, was enamoured with landscape gardening (although of a much more natural type than what McQuesten preferred) and history, particularly his own.’
    • ‘It's a must for anybody interested in 17th and 18th - century Scottish social history - or landscape gardening.’


landscape gardening