Definition of landowning in English:


noun & adjective

  • See landowner

    • ‘They wanted to preserve their power and influence over the masses and saw Jewish landowning, Jewish farms, and Jewish orchards as impinging on their land, their power, and their traditional role.’
    • ‘The landowning peasants and village elites who were subjected to signorial lordship normally remained landowners, and still were when signorial powers faded again in the thirteenth century.’
    • ‘In the south, where aristocrats sponsored the first settlements, a landowning elite held sway over an impoverished population.’
    • ‘In Great Britain the landowning aristocracy sought to protect itself by having the government pass protective ‘Corn Laws’ which kept out cheap foreign grain for the benefit of home producers.’
    • ‘Concentration on two quite different local societies yields important insights into the relations between partisan loyalties, landowning, rural social class, and ethnicity.’