Definition of landlady in English:



  • 1A woman who rents out land, a building, or accommodation.

    • ‘I drive over to the old landlady's house to drop in the remaining rent, get her to sign the bond form.’
    • ‘Apparently, the two guys and two girls are classmates, and they came to the landlady together, wanting to rent the room.’
    • ‘Just ten days later Oldham County Court granted an injunction forcing the landlady to allow her tenant back into the property.’
    • ‘Against better advice, too, because despite the promises of my landlady to send a plumber round, the radiator in the bathroom is still leaking.’
    • ‘My daughter, who works for a bank, thinks I should buy a property and become a landlady.’
    • ‘They are tenants who have hung around for 20 years - and their discovery turned their landlady's life upside down.’
    • ‘He makes up his mind to propose to his landlady, to adopt her child.’
    • ‘The police used to come and cause trouble and fine the landlady for having rural migrants’
    • ‘Christmas saw Lucy giving hand-sewn presents to her landlord, landlady and Jane the servant.’
    • ‘Now the landlady really does have to do something.’
    • ‘It had been difficult to find a landlady willing to rent to us - a jobless teenager and his runaway girlfriend.’
    • ‘After a while, I got up from my desk and crossed to the window which overlooked my landlady's garden and the front steps of the building.’
    • ‘The landlady refused to comment or speculate on the cause of the blaze.’
    • ‘The author also went to great lengths recounting his tough-break with a landlady after renting a house.’
    • ‘I don't blame the absent landlady either, obviously, because that would be irrational in the extreme.’
    • ‘Both the landlord and landlady came out dressed in their nightclothes.’
    • ‘I'm a week late with the rent, but my esteemed landlady said it was okay as long as I pay up next week, and give her a free guitar lesson.’
    • ‘He's the local kid my landlady hires to bring in wood and mow the lawn.’
    • ‘The rent was £4 a week and the landlady, Sally, lived in the basement.’
    • ‘My landlady, Ita, needs this week's rent, or she will start practising the violin again.’
    property owner, proprietor, lessor, letter, householder, freeholder, landowner, landholder, master
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    1. 1.1 A woman who keeps lodgings, a boarding house, or a pub.
      • ‘The comedy is set in a Northern English pub with the gambling landlord and bubbly landlady playing host to an eclectic mix of their regulars.’
      • ‘As the night draws to a close and the remaining few are left in the town's pubs, landlords and landladies call time at 11 before you stagger into the Indian-Chinese-Italian-Mexican-or Kebab shop takeaway and you're in the midnight hour.’
      • ‘The landlady and landlord do the cooking themselves and the pub offers very good value.’
      • ‘I used to be a pub landlady and catering manager, and I can't do it any more.’
      • ‘The 53-year-olds are the landlady and landlord of the Lord Nelson in York Village, Langho.’
      • ‘The landlord and landlady of The Craven justly feel they are equally the victims concerning an alleged offence they know nothing about.’
      • ‘Fun-loving landlord and landlady Ricky and Donna Salt donned fancy dress to really help the party go with a swing.’
      • ‘A landlord and landlady today told of the battle to prevent their pub being ruined by flood water.’
      • ‘The peace camp was offered new accommodation by the landlady of the Axe and Compass public house in Kempsford.’
      • ‘A drinker who smashed up his favourite boozer after a row with the landlady unwittingly landed himself a court appearance.’
      • ‘Across the road, landlord and landlady Mark and Tracey Whittam, of The Red Lion pub, were dealing with their own flood.’
      • ‘Anne has developed the reputation of being one of the best landladies in the business and is a celebrity cook, no less.’
      • ‘And what's good for government is good for the people - hoteliers and landladies were showing no mercy either.’
      • ‘Council officers are still urging landlords and landladies to get their applications for the new licences in before the deadline of 6 August.’
      • ‘And - this is the great thing - your small group eats together, in the hotel, at country restaurants or with village landladies.’
      • ‘I'm afraid to say whilst there are some good landlords and landladies in town, there are also some who need to stop looking so miserable, put a smile on their face and start offering a genuine welcome along with some value for money’
      • ‘She will be especially missed by her locals, who regarded her not as a landlady or a publican but as a friend.’
      • ‘The present landlord and landlady Mike and Stacey Coombes opted for pastures new, meaning that the pub is up for grabs from today.’
      • ‘I know most of the landlords and landladies here and they certainly wouldn't sell alcohol to children.’
      • ‘But landlady Mary Wood, who took over the pub seven months ago, is looking to the future.’
      publican, licensee, innkeeper, manager, manageress, pub owner, proprietor
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