Definition of landholding in English:



  • 1A piece of land owned or rented.

    ‘wealthy merchants purchased landholdings’
    • ‘Only 70 percent of landholdings or estates may be planted; the unplanted land has been set aside as a nature preserve.’
    • ‘Moreover, despite the butchers' sizable landholdings, the sixteenth-century speculative real estate boom in Antwerp passed them by.’
    • ‘Their density in some coastal areas reduced the size of landholdings, cutting family income, but the availability of land limited the extent of overcrowding.’
    • ‘Concerns included the impact of the proposed development on existing landholdings.’
    • ‘We have experienced the submergence, but what will happen to the farmers of M.P. with large landholdings, even about 50-500 acres of land.’
    • ‘Since high spatial resolution satellite data is now available, we need not feel that small landholdings are a disadvantage, but can be an advantage.’
    • ‘Mind, it later emerged that the £30 bn sale of public assets would be heavily based on local government flogging off its various landholdings - a potential nightmare if that includes precious playing fields.’
    • ‘Now aged 20 and worth an estimated $2.1 billion, his empire includes extensive landholdings, real estate, castles, works of art and business.’
    • ‘The Loch Katrine property is the largest single landholding taken into Forestry Commission management for more than 30 years.’
    • ‘In an area with heterogeneous owners in terms of their landholdings, the price of land may differ between adjacent properties due to different attachment values on the part of landowners.’
    • ‘‘Small landholdings will not be a problem if scientific inputs and modern farming techniques are adopted,’ he says.’
    • ‘Obtaining and implementing of Compulsory Acquisition Orders is the appropriate procedure set down for dealing with access to land where land-owners have not consented in respect of those landholdings.’
    • ‘Feudal landholdings were outlawed, at least in theory, by the Indian Constitution some 50 years ago which decreed that if one farms a piece of land for 13 years one earns the automatic right to own it.’
    • ‘For Indian farmers with small landholdings this is an encouraging move.’
    • ‘Take the popular action to take over the Dutch colonial plantation landholdings, which started soon after the Japanese pushed the Dutch out in 1942.’
    • ‘Ireland was one of the first countries in Europe in which peasants could purchase their landholdings.’
    • ‘One local resident blamed environmental groups who have large landholdings in the area for reducing livestock levels to encourage forest growth.’
    • ‘With subdivision of landholdings there are few jobs left in the villages for agricultural labourers.’
    • ‘A major function of the commune was to regulate relations inhering in economic independence, from dividing peasant landholdings equitably to adjusting the rent they paid their owners.’
    • ‘The history of this property in many ways mirrors the experience of large landholdings all over Australia.’
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    1. 1.1mass noun Possession or rental of land.
      ‘under the reform private landholding was restricted’
      • ‘Although we do not know the exact extent of any villa estates in Britain, several attempts have been made to reconstruct the sort of landholding that the villa economy depended upon.’
      • ‘The Ulster Plantation was designed to reshape the political, economic and social landscape of Ulster, and, in many respects, it did just that, by changing irrevocably the pattern of settlement and landholding in the province.’
      • ‘The legislation included a prohibition of the sale of peasant land to non-peasants, and a maximum allowable landholding: it was not intended to create a few big peasant landowners.’
      • ‘Rural aging will have implications for food security, patterns of landholding, health services, labor markets, and so on.’
      • ‘Patterns of landholding and inheritance varied between these units of land.’
      • ‘This volume, with its focus on labor relations, landholding, and the local, does not address at any length some other fundamental approaches to research on coffee production in the history of Latin America.’
      • ‘Other institutional issues surrounding landholding and land tenure must also be explored.’
      • ‘Clear title to land was the crucial aspect of seventeenth century landholding.’
      • ‘Finally, we consider the penal laws, which denied the Catholic Irish civil entitlements and placed severe restrictions on education and landholding.’
      • ‘Her most satisfying accomplishment in this regard comes in the chapter on the ground rent strikes of the 1920s, which had a lasting effect in limiting the commercialization of urban landholding.’
      • ‘After the Norman Conquest the system of feudal landholding required the lord of the manor to provide a court for his tenants.’
      • ‘In patterns of landholding, serf ownership, and use of property, Marrese also finds more similarities than differences between noblewomen and men.’
      • ‘Contemporary patterns of landholding in the Pacific Northwest reflect this legacy of land accumulation by a few large timber firms.’
      • ‘The village was subsequently rebuilt mostly on the land, with complex repercussions for questions of intra-village landholding.’
      • ‘Patterns of landholding (poor highlands in Catholic hands, fertile lowlands in Protestant), even down to the level of family farms, have been stable over generations.’
      • ‘Several of the chapters concentrate on landholding, labor relations, and the family from the mid-nineteenth century up to the mid-twentieth.’
      • ‘At the same time powerful landed nobles, on whom the tsar depended most immediately for social support and high state personnel, became increasingly resistant to political reform or changes in the patterns of landholding.’
      • ‘Early in the socialist period, the nationalization of industries, commerce, and most services, along with the forced collectivization of agrarian landholding, brought about the end of private property.’
      • ‘From the first decades of English settlement in the Plymouth and Massachusetts colonies to the end of the seventeenth century, norms of landholding were established and then maintained by both the English and the Indians.’
      • ‘In Chapter 10 we will tell you about the new form of landholding, called commonhold, which is introduced by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.’
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