Definition of land grant in English:

land grant


North American
  • A grant of public land, especially to an institution, organization, or to particular groups of people.

    as modifier ‘land grant colleges’
    • ‘While in Washington, Hal strengthened USDA's communication links with public policy educators in the land grant university system.’
    • ‘In 1860 what began as Bluemont College, later became Kansas State Agricultural College as a land grant for Manhattan when Kansas became a state.’
    • ‘The level of prominence of Public Issues Education within the land grant teaching, research and outreach model remains to be seen.’
    • ‘The presence at the two-year college of an alumnus of the land grant's agronomy or crop science program was seen to be highly effective in establishing a ‘pipeline’ of transfer students.’
    • ‘Although, to this point, we may have adapted better than most of our technology-oriented land grant colleagues, we must adapt even more in the future, especially those of us who have extension appointments.’
    • ‘Especially active was the Northern Pacific during the time when German immigrant Henry Villard headed the corporation and sought to populate his land grant with industrious German farmers.’
    • ‘By the beginning of the nineteenth century this logic was clear in the common school movement and later, in the land grant colleges.’
    • ‘This was evidence in March 1854 by his veto of a land grant bill that he personally favored, but could not find a legal justification for within the text of the constitution - as evidenced by nine page explanation that accompanied his veto.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the one land grant program with a strongly increasing number of graduates was not identified as such by the respondent in the telephone interview.’
    • ‘To use the handiest practical example, I am talking about the need for a two-way communication, a conversation, between a land grant university and the region for and to which it is responsible.’
    • ‘While some might argue the merit of this finding, most will agree that teaching, research, and service are the cornerstones of a highly successful educational model in the land grant university.’
    • ‘The purpose of this study was to describe a new model for offering an international curriculum within a land grant college of agriculture.’
    • ‘The meeting was being held on the campus of Pennsylvania State University, a land grant college.’
    • ‘Finally, we chose to use for our analysis a core group of 54 public universities, most but not all land grant institutions.’
    • ‘This national group is comprised of extension professionals and academic faculty affiliated with land grant institutions actively practicing outreach education focusing on Public Issues Education programs.’
    • ‘In this respect, none of the land grant institutions appears to have successfully emphasized lengthy in country experiences, despite a professed plethora of opportunities.’
    • ‘With a history as an Ohlone Indian settlement, a Spanish land grant, and the first Bay Area terminus for the transcontinental railroad, the area had quite a diverse background before becoming an island in 1902.’
    • ‘Likewise, the land grant colleges transformed America's education system and, as a result, transformed America in a genuinely middle-class nation.’
    • ‘The 1994 land grant institutions' distance education resources and their programs were non-existent prior to project collaboration with Montana State University for program delivery.’
    • ‘In the smaller land grant colleges, graduate education becomes less important relative to undergraduate education.’