Definition of lamplight in English:



mass noun
  • The light cast from a lamp.

    ‘he was working in the stables by lamplight’
    • ‘And the art, hung here and there and lit in one case by lamplight, was a hodgepodge of styles.’
    • ‘Soft golden lamplight illuminated the windows as the travellers eventually reached their destination.’
    • ‘Andrew Miller was still up, reading a book in the parlor by lamplight.’
    • ‘I pictured him smoking, playing Leonard Cohen, and writing by lamplight, drifting and dreaming late into the night.’
    • ‘The French doors opening onto the meadow were hanging open, with lamplight spilling out across the verandah flagstones.’
    • ‘I can't count the times we sat by the fire in our cottage during foul weather, music playing on the radio and reading by lamplight.’
    • ‘The lamplight cast gentle shadows, and on the carpeted floor Ben's feet made no sound at all.’
    • ‘The lamplight was dim, and it shone rather unsteadily, casting only a weak glow over the ground, but it would have to do.’
    • ‘Whether viewed by the daylight, a little subdued, or lamplight, the scenes depicted with telling effect the different characters so vividly described by Mrs Stowe.’
    • ‘In front of each chair lay a jeweled, ruby-encrusted goblet of wine, whose inlaid gemstones shone in the bright lamplight.’
    • ‘As I glanced towards it, I noticed the soft glow of kerosene lamplight through the two front windows.’
    • ‘She was gone, melted into the dark shadows of the night outside the dim circle of lamplight.’
    • ‘Dusk falls quickly in the backwaters though, which means dinner by lamplight back on the boat.’
    • ‘The soft lamplight made her blonde hair seem to glimmer.’
    • ‘The inhabitants had to wear greatcoats and cloaks inside when it was cold, and Carrington had to draw his plans by lamplight at night, after being out all day with his instruments.’
    • ‘Working by lamplight, Johnny finishes the mold, though he is not fully satisfied with it.’
    • ‘She could see the warm glow of lamplight coming from under her door.’
    • ‘The kitchen was dark, but lamplight streamed down from upstairs, and Marie and Sam stepped quietly up the stone steps.’
    • ‘The giant Schonbrunn Palace was created for the empress Maria Theresa and her 16 children, and it looked pretty magical by lamplight.’
    • ‘And then off he went down the street, walking from pool to pool of soft lamplight and through the intervening lakes of shadow, round the corner and off out of sight.’
    illumination, brightness, luminescence, luminosity, shining, gleaming, gleam, brilliance, radiance, lustre, glowing, glow, blaze, glare, dazzle
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