Definition of lamper in English:



  • See lamp

    • ‘Even when there is no strict livery, the pressure towards a uniform is felt in every country sport, right down to the flak jacket, army boots and peaked cap of the lamper.’
    • ‘Detectives investigating the shooting of a Yorkshire schoolboy aged 12 in an area popular with night-time hunters known as ‘lampers’ have arrested and bailed four men.’
    • ‘Like grouse shooters, fox hunters, lampers, hare coursers, badger baiters and of course meat eaters, anglers do what they do simply because they enjoy doing it.’
    • ‘Police are working on the theory the boy was accidentally shot by ‘lampers’ - night-time hunters who pursue animals with guns and bright lights.’
    • ‘A second schoolboy lay fighting for his life last night after apparently being shot by ‘lampers’.’