Definition of lamestream in English:


adjective & noun

derogatory, informal
  • Used to refer contemptuously to the mainstream media.

    as adjective ‘why has the lamestream media been so silent on the issue?’
    ‘lamestream propaganda’
    as noun ‘the lamestream is entirely opposed to what normal Americans want’
    • ‘Did you see any of these pictures on the lamestream news? Of course not.’
    • ‘Nobody in the lamestream media bothers to explain all the intricacies of Fiji's political life.’
    • ‘He obviously hasn't done his homework, yet goes on lamestream TV to demonstrate to the world his complete ignorance.’
    • ‘Most of the lamestream is acting as if the talks are real.’
    • ‘Why has the lamestream media been so silent on the issue?’
    • ‘If the lamestream news did its job informing people, the Patriot Act would have got shot down in Congress.’
    • ‘The lamestream media is still making excuses.’
    • ‘The lamestream is blowing this all out of proportion.’
    • ‘Even the lamestream is burying the confession.’
    • ‘The lamestream media is going to spin their stories and give us false newscasts.’
    normal, conventional, ordinary, orthodox, conformist, accepted, established, recognized, common, usual, prevailing, popular
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Early 21st century: blend of lame and mainstream.