Definition of lamellose in English:



  • See lamella

    • ‘The shell surface is apparently devoid of ornament (possibly through preservation), except for the anterior margin of the trail which bears faint, irregular, undulating, and lamellose growth lines.’
    • ‘The three known species of Loxochlamys share similar shape and micro-ornament, including a tendency to become commarginally lamellose late in ontogeny.’
    • ‘Trophon sowerbyi shares the strongly lamellose shell of T. plicatus but its lamellae are much lower and the shell has a distinctly subquadrate outline.’
    • ‘The main part of the shell is coarsely commarginally lamellose and lacks radial costae.’
    • ‘Anoplotheca is medium-sized, with costae low and rounded, and lamellose growth lines developed.’