Definition of lamebrained in English:



  • See lamebrain

    • ‘A lot of people remember him for lamebrained mishandling of the transport brief, but for most of us, it's the fact that he liked to have sex while wearing his socks that will have him forever etched in our collective memory.’
    • ‘More harmful to Wagner's reputation over the long term has been his virulent, lamebrained, and lifelong anti-Semitism.’
    • ‘It was a lamebrained scheme that Pyle lamely defends by telling Fowler: ‘In war you use the tools you have.’’
    • ‘To some lamebrained executive at Warner Bros. that must have made sense since Reagan and Sheridan had co-starred in the 1942 box office hit, King's Row.’
    • ‘What is it about sex and death - and their corollaries, nudity and violence, poverty and disease - that perverts the parental protection instinct into this kind of lamebrained, censorious overdrive?’