Definition of lambskin in English:



mass noun
  • Prepared skin from a lamb with the wool on or as leather.

    as modifier ‘lambskin gloves’
    • ‘He showed very strong suits, pairing them with stretch tank tops, lambskin zip vests, and great looking feather weight merino - cashmere ribbed sweaters.’
    • ‘Of the 104 items added to the collection, one of the more interesting is a Russian winter coat with Persian lambskin lining donated by Albert Schwarz.’
    • ‘Addressing the nation, Karzai, wearing a white traditional tunic and his trademark lambskin hat, paid homage to those who had died fighting Soviet occupation in the 1980s.’
    • ‘Other early materials were parchment, made from the untanned skins of sheep or goats and vellum, or fine parchment, made from calf-, kid-, and lambskin.’
    • ‘Of course, the more luxurious bags are made from skins that range from lambskin to ostrich.’
    • ‘And so there Miss Johnson sat, rigid with disbelief as two of her least subservient students gazed into her watery eyes and grinned wolfishly beneath little lambskin cloaks.’
    • ‘Wearing a black lambskin hat and traditional striped silk coat over his shoulders, Mr. Karzai took his oath before the aging former king, Zaher Shah.’
    • ‘Merchants crowded around the entrance, some waving papers to get attention, others with a lambskin or a clay tablet with orders written on it.’
    • ‘Avoid waterbeds, lambskins, and other soft bedding for your baby.’
    • ‘Two lounge chairs with lambskin backs and seats feature whipstitching details.’
    • ‘Men wear several types of hats according to season; black or grey elongated lambskin hats are customary during the winter and straw hats are usually worn during the summer.’
    • ‘All of this activity came to a halt when Karzai, dressed in his flowing green silk coat and black lambskin hat, approached the microphone.’
    • ‘I need more material, just like this if possible, or lambskin; nothing too stiff.’
    • ‘Another distributor included stunning examples of cashmere and lambskin jackets on the trade show floor at a corporate industry association trade show.’
    • ‘Condoms may be made of latex, lambskin or polyurethane.’
    • ‘Suede is simply the inside layer of a cowhide, pig or lambskin with a napped finish and the same rules of measurement apply.’
    • ‘Animal rights activists in Great Britain and elsewhere are launching new protests against astrakhan, lambskin derived from lambs that are killed shortly after birth and, activists claim, in some cases before they are born.’
    • ‘He touched it, feeling the sculpted steel underneath the thin lambskin covering.’
    • ‘If you want something really luxurious, consider Mulberry's black leather lambskin gloves with rabbit-fur lining.’
    • ‘Karzai's wardrobe - lambskin hat, black and green cape, loose-fitting trousers - seems an Isaac Mizrahi version of traditional Afghan garb.’