Definition of lambdoidal in English:



  • See lambdoid

    • ‘Using the same bicoronal incision, the neurosurgeon retracts the scalp to expose the cranium from the coronal suture to the lambdoidal suture.’
    • ‘There is little development of the lambdoidal crest but in some specimens it is slightly better developed than in others.’
    • ‘The coronal, lambdoidal, sagittal, and squamosal sutures close clinically between six to 12 months of age but do not ossify completely until after 30 years of age.’
    • ‘The most posterior point of the skull is the junction of the interparietal and supraoccipitals which is marked by a poorly developed lambdoidal ridge.’
    • ‘The condition can result from either premature closure of the lambdoidal suture (synostotic plagiocephaly) or positional head deformity (nonsynostotic plagiocephaly).’