Definition of lamb's ears in English:

lamb's ears

plural noun

  • usually treated as singular A south-western Asian plant of the mint family, which has grey-green woolly leaves and is cultivated as an ornamental, particularly for ground cover.

    Stachys byzantina, family Labiatae

    • ‘Low-care perennials that bloom over a long period yet require little water - catmint, lamb's ears, penstemon, salvia, and Santa Barbara daisy - fill much of the garden.’
    • ‘For more foliage interest, the designers added ‘Tuscan Blue’ rosemary and bronze flax (both mostly vertical), plus lavender, thyme, helichrysum, lamb's ears, and other plants with a more mounding habit.’
    • ‘The little garden is filled with flowers that would appeal to a child, such as lamb's ears and pansies.’
    • ‘Silver-leafed artemisia varieties, lamb's ears and herbs, such as lavender, contribute grayish-silver foliage that are both handsome and aromatic.’
    • ‘This method works well with groundcovers and other plants that spread quickly, such as creeping thyme, mints, lamb's ears, ajuga, vinca, mums, asters, and daisies.’