Definition of lairage in English:



  • A place where cattle or sheep may be rested on the way to market or slaughter.

    • ‘Following representations made to the OIC last month by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, work is due to start on upgrading the lairage facilities on Kirkwall pier.’
    • ‘The Greenore export lairage should be designated as an assembly point for livestock from the Cooley area for movement to factories.’
    • ‘But concerns have now been expressed that insufficient lairage in Aberdeen could have a serious effect on the success of the plan.’
    • ‘The current appeal site comprises only the former lairage fields, lying between the rear of residential properties fronting West Road and factories to the north and east.’
    • ‘Owing to bad weather, the vessel did not enter port and the waiting cattle were removed from the lairage on Sligo Quay to a train which brought them to the Northern Port.’
    • ‘The OIC transportation and infrastructure committee meeting decided to give the lairage, which will be situated to the right of the causeway, between the marshalling area and the piled pier at Hatston, approval.’
    • ‘All animals moving to a market have to be transported out within hours and there will be no lairage allowed overnight.’
    • ‘The tighter controls are being backed up by stringent new powers for officers of the Department of Agriculture, and an increased focus on bio-security on farms, animal assembly points, marts and lairages.’
    • ‘They asked to be informed if the prospects of the livestock traffic in 1930 were likely to be such as would justify the reduction in lairage charges.’
    • ‘In theory the driver could make a note of it at the lairage.’
    • ‘Improved training of staff in slaughterhouses and changes to design and operation in lairages are just some recommendations that the Government has accepted.’