Definition of lagomorph in English:



  • A mammal of the order Lagomorpha, which comprises the hares, rabbits, and pikas.

    • ‘Like some other mammal taxa, but unlike rabbits and other lagomorphs, male rodents have a baculum (penis bone).’
    • ‘Rodents and lagomorphs are prime examples of breeders among mammals and have enormous incisors for their body size.’
    • ‘In the following sections we describe our current view of the stratigraphic position of the Deer Park assemblages, laboratory analytical methods, and the species accounts for the lagomorphs and rodents.’
    • ‘This type of interaction occurs in horses, elephants, hyraxes, rodents, and lagomorphs (hares and rabbits) but is probably best exemplified in the termites.’
    • ‘Growth rates of pikas are among the fastest for lagomorphs, and growth rates of collared pikas at our study site were even higher than those of its southern congener, the American pika.’


  • Relating to or denoting lagomorphs.

    • ‘Modem rodent and lagomorph skulls were mainly from the Condon Museum, University of Oregon.’
    • ‘Species such as P. glandulosa or P. juliflora account for 10-56% of lagomorph diets.’
    • ‘In the current study, fluoride measurements of 889 lagomorph long bones from 183 features were used to develop a relative chronology of features.’