Definition of lagerphone in English:



NZ, Australian
  • An improvised percussion instrument consisting of rows of metal bottle tops attached to a pole, producing a jingling noise when it is scraped or struck on the ground.

    ‘he pounds his lagerphone on the floor’
    • ‘No one knows when the lagerphone originated, but certainly when the shearers were rained in they did bush music.’
    • ‘I made this lagerphone myself from an old farm artefact from early farming days.’
    • ‘Look at the clips we'll be putting online about how to play the lagerphone.’
    • ‘They show the children how to make simple musical instruments such as zithers, drums, and lagerphones.’
    • ‘The do-it-yourself display also includes the lagerphone, the candolin (a mandolin made from four beer cans which act as resonators), and a eucalyptus-branch slide whistle.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, lagerphones suddenly appeared all over the country, becoming the signature of the revival bush bands.’
    • ‘When you want to re-tune the lagerphone, you just drink a few more beers.’
    • ‘I've been involved in the making of lots of lagerphones.’
    • ‘While not commonly known by name, the lagerphone is a traditional bush percussion instrument made from a large stick and bottle caps.’
    • ‘The lagerphone is a traditional bush rhythm instrument, made from bottle tops nailed to a hoe handle.’


1950s: from lager (because of the beer-bottle tops used) + -phone.