Definition of ladyhood in English:



  • See lady

    • ‘The first few days of her ‘ladyhood,’ Genevieve had made servants measure Cate as she kicked and screamed.’
    • ‘Enstad argues that young, predominantly Jewish and Italian women workers in New York's garment industry challenged middle-class efforts to stigmatize them as inferior by redefining ladyhood.’
    • ‘Mrs. Isenblatt goes to Jaky in the hope that clothing can hide her hips, an aspect of her metaphorical identity or natural, physical self, so she can attain the American ideal of physical beauty and ladyhood: thinness.’
    • ‘Our story is about two young girls who, because of the death of their parents, find themselves brought to Christina Rosetti's house to be schooled in the ways of ladyhood, which is something Rosetti herself was very interested in.’