Definition of ladyfish in English:



  • 1Any of a number of marine fishes of warm coastal waters, several of which are popular with anglers, notably:

    1. 1.1 A tenpounder.
      • ‘Trolling these sardines tight inshore also accounts for lizardfish, high leaping ladyfish, plus the occasional amberjack when over any rocky ground.’
      • ‘And you can add exciting game species such as bluefish, ladyfish and jackfish.’
      • ‘Redfish, snook, cobia and ladyfish are the main targets at this time of the year and we also took a couple of plaice and ‘sea-trout’.’
    2. 1.2 A bonefish.
      • ‘All three of us planned to fish the Gulf of Mexico for sea trout, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel and redfish.’
      • ‘The best fish for this is called ladyfish (don't ask), not available here, so we go for snappers.’
      • ‘What a delightful place, miles upon miles of saltwater flats where you can stalk big redfish, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, seatrout and tarpon.’
      • ‘Two morphs of ladyfish exist in the western North Atlantic and adjacent waters: Elops saurus, a high-count morph (79-87 myomeres or vertebrae) in the north, and Elops sp., a low-count morph (73-78 myomeres or vertebrae) in the south.’
      • ‘I also planned to fish the Indian / Banana river and Mosquito lagoon for redfish, snook, sea trout and ladyfish.’