Definition of lady of the bedchamber in English:

lady of the bedchamber


  • (in the UK) a female attendant to the queen or queen mother, ranking in the royal household above woman of the bedchamber.

    • ‘It was Anne's involvement with Sarah Jennings Churchill, childhood companion and lady of the bedchamber, that had most impact upon her.’
    • ‘By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne, the Crown's power had declined so much that the Queen found that she couldn't even choose her own ladies of the bedchamber.’
    • ‘It is interesting that the Duchess of Somerset is not one of their number, despite being a lady of the bedchamber, but of course she was not a beauty.’
    • ‘In 1563 Charles Howard married a daughter of Lord Hunsdon, cousin and confidant to Queen Elizabeth: his wife was a lady of the bedchamber for many years.’
    attendant, retainer, companion, adviser, aide, henchman, follower
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