Definition of laddishness in English:



  • See laddish

    • ‘But for all his posturing, his faux laddishness and his pummelled prose, Amis is the one modern English writer capable of juggling fiction and literary journalism and making a better fist of both than most on this side of the pond.’
    • ‘But those years slipped into laddishness, embracing only one kind of Manchester, and we ended-up with a culture that glorified thugs, drugs, and thieving.’
    • ‘Mr O'Flaherty doesn't strike me as a lad in quite the same way, but his membership of those two clubs suggests a certain laddishness in his character.’
    • ‘One thing I've noticed during my time here in the UK is the preponderance of laddishness.’
    • ‘Market-driven segmentation of the generations is compounded by advertisers' promotion and celebration of stereotypes - laddishness and girlie-ness.’