Definition of Ladakhi in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Ladakh.

    • ‘At first I couldn't believe that the Ladakhis could be as happy as they appeared.’
    • ‘Citing Helena Norberg-Hodge's seminal work, Ancient Futures, they lament the fact that the young Ladakhi are often ashamed of the traditional ways, and that the old beliefs and values are no longer central to everybody's existence.’
    • ‘Minus 30'C, minus 40'C are normal temperatures for practically all Ladakhis.’
    • ‘And Ladakhis face Ladakh when they pray as Muslims face Mecca.’
    • ‘Furthermore, she says, ‘one of the lessons that any foreigner working here learns is don't try and come in and tell the Ladakhis what to do.’
    • ‘The changes wrought on the Ladakhis over the last few decades, she says now, ‘brought them a great sense of cultural inferiority.’
    • ‘Knowing the nefarious ways that such patterns have affected my own culture I wonder how Ladakhis will negotiate them?’
    • ‘First, a food grain distribution programme was set up by the government, under which vast quantities of subsidised rice, flour and wheat were trucked across the Himalayas and sold for virtually nothing to the Ladakhis.’
    • ‘Rinpoche, the head of the Buddhist sect that Ladakhis belong to, has arrived to oversee festivities at the 1000-year-old Hemis Monastery.’
    • ‘It is separatism with a twist: Ladakhis want to leave Kashmir in order to get closer to Mother India, becoming a ‘union territory’ governed directly by New Delhi.’
    • ‘Traditional Ladakhi compost toilets used no water, and rural Ladakhis knew that such a scarce resource must be used carefully.’
    • ‘Like all Ladakhis, Urgain Loondup was charming and helpful in providing the information required.’
    • ‘Dancing Ladakhis flit inexplicably across the screen, aestheticised and fetishised through their traditional dress and music.’
  • 2mass noun The language of Ladakh, a dialect of Tibetan.


  • Relating to Ladakh, the Ladakhis, or their language.

    • ‘A few hours later after a long dizzying climb up a goat path, we sat together over a simple feast of tea and piping hot ground-wheat Ladakhi bread spread with butter and local apricot jam.’
    • ‘The association was responsible for the ‘revival’ of the Ladakhi identity about a decade ago and is spearheading the movement for granting Union Territory status to the Ladakh division of Jammu and Kashmir.’
    • ‘Women, whether Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or Ladakhi, face indignity, flagrant violation of their basic rights and humiliation.’
    • ‘A clue to the dramatic nature of the difference is indicated by the 5th century Indian sage Buddhaghosa, whose compassionate philosophy also lies at the heart of Ladakhi culture.’
    • ‘She had with her two splendid Ladakhi ladies in traditional dress and I told them that I had been worrying about what to bring the great man as a present.’
    • ‘The Jama Masjid of Leh was built in 1666-67 A.D. under an agreement between Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir and Ladakhi ruler Deldan Namgyal.’
    • ‘Hundreds of feet above the glass blue river below, Ladakhi kids climb into an iron rope swing with a giant rusted pulley and a well-woven rope.’
    • ‘At 3700m, Prinkiti is a low pass by Ladakhi standards.’
    • ‘He persuaded the Dalai Lama to confer a special blessing on a set of silk bracelets for the Ladakhi troops.’
    • ‘She has since become one of the most passionate, and controversial, advocates of the Ladakhi people as they struggle to adjust to modernisation; her book on Ladakh, Ancient Futures, has been translated into 32 languages.’
    • ‘Twenty-five year old Tsering Chonzom spent all of her waking moments in the glass room of her traditional Ladakhi house in her village in the remote Changthang area.’
    • ‘My job is to teach Ladakhi farmers about new technology.’
    • ‘It is a grouping of Buddhist farming women, who exist to promote and protect Ladakh's rural culture, and to instil in Ladakhi women the self confidence they need to see modernisation on their own terms.’
    • ‘The principal crop is barley, the mainstay of traditional Ladakhi food.’
    • ‘And when he does, every door at which he knocks opens up to him treasures of Ladakhi hospitality.’
    • ‘Maulana Umar Gotu Nadwi, Imam of Jama Masjid Leh and Llam Konchu Pandey, an expert in Ladakhi language, are putting in their joint effort towards this.’
    • ‘I asked: how will Ladakhi agriculture compete?’
    • ‘His first recourse, when asked about the future of Ladakhi agriculture, is to take the government line.’
    • ‘There, glaciers that deliver fresh water are melting, through no fault of the Ladakhi people.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is the last support of Ladakhi painting, every other trace having disappeared from the valley.’


The name in Ladakhi.