Definition of lacustrine in English:



literary, technical
  • Relating to or associated with lakes.

    ‘fluvial and lacustrine deposits’
    ‘the boulders were beautiful in their lacustrine tranquillity’
    • ‘These may be of fluviatile, glacial, periglacial, lacustrine, aeolian, or marine origin.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that fluvial and lacustrine source rocks were locally deposited in grabens created along the transtensional edges of these rotating microcontinental blocks.’
    • ‘These units are conformably overlain by fluvial and lacustrine volcaniclastic deposits, tuffs and hyaloclastites.’
    • ‘The quarry's paleogeography was generally thought to have been in a lacustrine environment with associated meandering streams.’
    • ‘Variations in the sediment supply were an important control on the relative development of fluvial channel and muddy overbank facies during periods of high clastic input and peat swamp and lacustrine facies when clastic input was lower.’


Early 19th century: from Latin lacus ‘lake’ (the stem lacustr- influenced by Latin palustris ‘marshy’) + -ine.