Definition of lacunate in English:



  • See lacuna

    • ‘They may be elongated, swollen in the middle and tapering towards the blade or they may form a bulbous float containing air-filled lacunate tissue.’
    • ‘The lacunate gleba appears in section to be formed of large to small shallow holes or chambers, which are more or less identical in shape, and are typically only rarely exposed.’
    • ‘Phellem appears similar to the primary aerenchyma seen in aquatic roots of species of Ludwigia L.; however, similar lacunate tissue in extant Decodon verticillatus (L.) Ell. is secondary and this study shows this tissue to be homologous to that seen in the fossil Decodon J.F. Gmel.’
    • ‘Collenchyma of this type is called lacunate collenchyma.’